Successful introduction of Wassmer laminating technology on the converter market

Wassmer Spezialmaschinen GmbH, based in Heitersheim, started 2 years ago with the design and construction of roll laminating machines for adhesive tape and foam converters. Here it was and is very important for us to understand and fulfil the wishes and requirements of our customers in order to put the quality "Made in Germany" back in the foreground on the global market. Longtime experienced employees at Wassmer develop the perfect machine for your application in cooperation with our customers.
Looking back, we can now claim that our machines can perform their tasks reliably and in the highest quality with different products/materials, even under high stress in 2-shift operation (partly also 3-shift operation), so that our customers can offer a high-quality product on the market. Such a success can only be achieved if the old values which are valid in mechanical engineering are reflected, e.g. stable construction of the machine or high-quality components which are installed in the machine. Exactly for these "old values" paired with good service our machines are known and appreciated in the different industries worldwide.
Despite this success, we continue to improve our products so that we can continue to offer our customers a market advantage. Following the motto "standstill is regression", Wassmer Spezialmaschinen GmbH has recently started offering flat bed laminating machines for various applications, e.g. for the production of absorbers in engine covers or acoustic absorbers consisting of different material structures.
If you attach importance to quality "Made in Germany", we would be very pleased if you would contact us with a need for machines and send us your inquiries.

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